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What is CanERA?

In collaboration with residency accreditation stakeholders, the Canadian Residency Accreditation Consortium (CanRAC) has created a blueprint for CanERA – Canadian Excellence in Residency Accreditation, a 21st century accreditation system that balances both continuous and episodic elements, comprised of 10 components. These ten components emphasize outcomes focused on residency program quality, as well as embody the principles of efficiency, consistency, and continuous quality improvement.

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What is CanRAC?

CanRAC is the Canadian Residency Accreditation Consortium, which is comprised of the three accrediting residency colleges in Canada: Royal College, CFPC and CMQ.

Why are we changing accreditation?

In 2012, focus groups conducted with the postgraduate deans of Canadian Faculties of Medicine identified the need for change. Since then, CanRAC has examined the strengths, challenges, and frustrations of the current system. This information has guided the development of CanERA, which maintains the strengths of the current system, while addressing identified challenges.

How do the changes align to the transition to competency-based medical education (CBME)?

As medical education in Canada moves towards a competency-based model, we must also reform accreditation to ensure the system as a whole runs smoothly.

When can I expect changes?

The implementation of CanERA includes a multi-phased approach of prototype testing prior to full implementation, which is planned for July 1, 2019. Prior to July 1, 2019, the new system of accreditation, CanERA, will be applicable only to the regular onsite accreditation reviews of the two Prototype 3 Universities (i.e., Dalhousie University and McGill University). CanERA will not be applicable to any other accreditation reviews such as those programs with off-cycle accreditation reviews (i.e. mandated internal reviews, external reviews, or progress reports) or applications until July 1, 2019. To learn more about the implementation process, visit our When am I affected? section.