Can Era: Excellence in residency accreditation

CanERA has launched July 1, 2019!

Following many years of collaboration, Canada’s new accreditation system officially launched on July 1, 2019. Known as CanERA (Canadian Excellence in Residency Accreditation), this new system for residency education accreditation emphasizes outcomes focused on program quality, while embodying the values of efficiency, consistency and continuous quality improvement.

Built by CanRAC, devoted to supporting the best healthcare for Canadians

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Collège des médecins du Québec maintain national standards for accreditation of Canadian postgraduate medical training institutions and their residency programs across Canada’s 17 medical schools. Together they form the Canadian Residency Accreditation Consortium (CanRAC), and their collaborative efforts dedicated to excellence in residency accreditation have resulted in the creation of CanERA.

The aim of CanERA is to:

  • ensure excellence in residency education provided across Canada;
  • objectively evaluate residency programs and institutions to ensure compliance with required standards;
  •
  • facilitate and contribute to the continuous quality improvement of residency programs and institutions; and
  • ensure that residency education adequately prepares residents to meet the health care needs of patient populations upon completion of training.

CanAMS, the new accreditation management system

The new accreditation management system called ‘CanAMS’ is also well underway. It is important to note that as we fully transition to this new system, the colleges are providing time and support for institutions responsible for the training of future physicians and their residency programs to learn and adjust.